I have been writing for a while now,

And I have been ever so hesitant to release any of my work.

Because—as so many of us have seen—words can dance on a precarious ledge between creation and destruction.

Words can be dangerous. Words can be weaponized.

And that very dagger you wield so strongly against your opponent can prove to be a double-edged blade, viscously cutting you as well.

But I’ve come to recognize that using your words as a weapon is a deliberate choice.

And a choice that I refuse to make.

And instead of for destruction, I vow to utilize the power of my words for good: for healing, for unity, and for love.

I have a myriad of words to weave, and a bounty of stories to tell. I just hope that by the end, the results may move others as deeply as the process of creating them has moved me.

And I hope that just as I produce these words that heal me as I write them, they may have that same “double-edged” effect, healing those who read and listen to them as well.

Because, in a world of vast division and much hatred, this is something we all can use.

And I hope that is enough; I hope it will prove to be enough.

From dust we have been created, and into dust we will fade.

Yet it is our fluctuating granular recollections of every uniquely peculiar moment:

Triumphant gleaming smiles, carefree laughs, endearing embraces,

Juxtaposed with the heart-torn struggles, bitter suffering—

All sentimental water flowing through the vast sea of our existence.


It is our crashing waves of idiosyncratic thought that shake our realities,

Causing us to hope, to imagine, to dream.


And it is our islands of connection—deepest human bonds, providing love.

A solace from the harsh ocean storms of the universe around us.


This is what brings the formless void shape, color, meaning.

This is what transforms our existence of dust into a life well-lived.